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Reduce Cost With Centralized Storage Solutions

Bulk shipping your goods to us and fulfilling large B2B Orders directly from our fulfilment facilities. 


Storage Inventory Duty - Free 

Supercharge your business efficiency by  storing your products without duty at our warehouse. Use the extra cashflow to scale your business.

Establish A Distribution Hub In The U.K 

Our facility management solution facilities located strategically serving perfectly as a distribution hub for UK U.K and beyond. 

 Over 670 Million People Await Your Products

Scale your business by accessing the market across the United Kingdom  feasible with our fulfilment solutions.

Benefits of fulfilment by Olooja (FBO) 

  • Zero Capital Expenditure-  Expand to new markets without incurring the cost of capital investment into buildings, racking and infrastructure.

  • Zero Manpower - Leverage on operational support without hiring a fulfilment team.

  • Agile and Efficient - No heavy upfront investment. Scale down or up as needed. 

  • Pay Only For Services Needed -  Only pay for what you utilize under your selected plan.

  • Smart Warehousing - Have instant access to your inventory in our facility via our CRM portal and correspondence team. Know your inventory levels at all times, 

  • Real - Time E-Commerce Integration - Automate and integrate your fulfilment process with Olooja marketplace and ecommerce 

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Marketplace Fulfilment Services


Fulfilment by Olooja (FBO)
•   Sync inventory, orders, and tracking into the Channel Advisor platform
•   Use FBO to support your own website or other marketplaces, where allowed
•   Identify the status of your products in the FBO supply chain
•   Understand trends in the number of products and sales tied to FBO
•   Quickly pinpoint inventory issues including excess inventory, stranded inventory, and aged inventory
•   Forecast necessary inbound quantity based on timeline and begin the inbound shipment request directly from within the Olooja express platform
•   Automatically adjust active listings to seller/merchant fulfilled when the FBO listing goes out of stock, without having to pull down the listing
•   Maximum exposure for your products with support for Olooja multichannel fulfilment centres


Fulfilment By (F.B.O) 


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