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Olooja London Trade Expo 2023
Networking Event Opportunities for Manufacturers / Retailers Across Global Markets.


Join the trade mission in 2023 in a digital world when you sign up selling as a vendor or join affiliate Partner program


We recently announced our collaboration with Global Alliance Corporation, For a strategic consolidation of alliance of brands coming together in marketing and facilitating all arrangement for this world class trade exhibition.


The partnership shall foster with processing trade service and providing fulfilment solutions that create prosperity for small medium enterprises with product and fulfilment as its core strategy for support.


The power of technology and Innovation through shared resilience and meaningful partnerships to create prosperity is what has brought us this far and we are excited to deepen our relations with other creative and content developers to discover new potentials in individuals, their SME Start-ups and indeed various communities and economies at large.


We hope to bridge the gap and leaving no one behind as we committed to driving inclusion and  growth locally and globally through trade opportunities.

Let’s help you build better network of customers come 2023


Get ready for International Trade 

Join Millions of Entrepreneurs and Creators for the next Trade Expo  

Date: June - July 2023 
Location: London 

Venue: TBA 

Join our growing community on clubhouse let's hear the voices behind the business in real-time on and what you are doing in your community providing a solution to make impact to grow value on Clubhouse


Step 1: 

Getting to Know Your Business 


Sponsorship & Registration Options 

To be a key speaker on a topic of choice at the virtual event -


Platinum Sponsor:  £50,000.00 (GBP) (Corporate) 

Plus, privilege promotion of own brand as a subject matter expert with a moderator badge at the event and most important your contribution as sponsor goes towards our 90 days apprentice & mentorship hub.


Be a speaker at the next trade expo 2022 Plus 3 months promotion on website of your brand or products on our domain.


Access to display products and / or services in a  booth *with the booth remaining on display for the month of July / August  - £25,500.00 GBP. 


Get your virtual booth at the virtual trade expo 2023 plus 30 days complimentary post ads on Olooja product and services. 

To have an advertisement at the event (which will remain on the website, promotional materials and shootout for the entire months of January - March 2023) - £15,50.00 GBP. 


Subscribe now: 

To be in attendance and participate in the networking sessions -  
Buy your ticket 🎟 now: 

To be onboarded into our private cloud collaborative solution which enables file / document sharing, video and voice conferencing, instant messaging, collaborative business tools which as whiteboards, spreadsheet, word processing, presentation and work flow management - introductory costs of £12.00 GBP subscription per year for our newsletters and sponsors…that is £1GBP per month. 


Subscribe now: 
Referral Program:
Refer this platform to 100 business to join and get a moderator badge on stage this weekend as a leader and an Ambassador for Enterprise at the table with other incredible moderators.  

#blvckenterprise! #Collaboration  


Register to attend now as limited space for this event.

Click to subscribe to our community of entrepreneurs at the Olooja Express Lounge on clubhouse where we discuss trade opportunities and also develop great partnerships. 


For more on possible collaborations, sponsorship visit our website and see how we can develop strategic partnerships contact us today

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