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Vendor Registration

As part of our process of registering our vendors and keeping a balanced inventory always.



Olooja  e- commerce commodity management trading platform is built around growing a community of subscribers already is currently onboarding vendors to meet the growing global demands. 

Our next-generation commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) solutions include Openlink, Allegro, Aspect, RightAngle, TriplePoint, and a suite of added value products for shipping, market data, and deeper supply blockchain tool. 


For all your bulk purchasing, white labelling, sponsored marketing, fulfilment, outsourcing and procurement Solutions in the U.K to an expanding amount of over 200 countries across the globe. 


Our inventory ranges from
Apparel & Accessories 
Daily Staples
Beauty products 
Essential products & equipment 
Gardening tools 
Home appliances 
Processed & dry foods 


Other services we also includes:  
* White labelling services 


Request for our inventory list and special discount today and create your inventory with us today. 


Local Bulk Orders starting from £1,500 within the U.K. gets 48hrs delivery within the U.K. and international orders from £5,000 per purchase order from our fulfilment team. 


Our process for international vendors may take a period of 30 a 60 days for an approval as we do have to carry out proper due diligence on all our vendors which may be extensive for confirmation of your application with us.  

Join our fast growing community members only via our referral program on club house and start earning residual income on the vendors platform.


For further enquiries registering with us as a vendor or concession contractor with us contact us today. 

Thanks for submitting!
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